Cultivation Technologies, Inc. Coachella Medical Cannabis Campus Groundbreaking, 6/22/17

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Cultivation Technologies Breaks Ground in Coachella for Medical Cannabis Campus – Commencing with Extraction Interim Use Facility, 6/22/17

Cultivation Technologies, Inc. held a ground-breaking ceremony on Thursday, June 22nd for their extraction interim use facility in Coachella, California.  The groundbreaking represents the initial phase of the full, 111,500 square foot cannabis campus. President & CEO of Cultivation Technologies, Miguel Motta, echoed the excitement.  “The city has been amazing to work with and our approach allows for fully compliant extraction operations even while campus construction is underway. This is the culmination of nearly two years of planning and I applaud everyone who has had a hand in this project.” Justin Beck, Chief Strategy Officer of Cultivation Technologies, added: “The products produced via food-grade solvent extraction, as made legal by AB 2679, are highly desirable due to the retention of cannabinoids and terpenes needed by medical cannabis consumers.”  The mobile laboratories will include extraction, cold storage, finishing, preparation, and state-of-the-art security systems with on-site guards.

Christopher Thayer of Not My Extracts is excited to begin operations soon. “I’ve seen first-hand how extracts and concentrates benefit patients. Thanks to the vision of CTI, the City of Coachella, and our state legislators – my company can start producing quality extracts for leading brands, including CTI’s exclusive brand – Coachella Premium. Our legal labs will place pressure on the black market, and empower brands to legally produce as California’s regulations are implemented.”

Operating CTI’s extraction facility in Coachella will be Not My Extracts, the first entity to receive a regulatory permit in the City of Coachella.  It will utilize an extraction method made legal last year in California with the passage of AB 2679.  A proven industrial process used by the food industry, solvent extraction is an efficient means of extracting cannabis. Cultivation Technologies is proud to have sponsored AB 2679.

Coachella City Mayor Steven Hernandez spoke at the event, saying “I want to congratulate the group and everyone who has been involved in this effort.  I don’t know if you know the history, but CTI was the first group to approach the City of Coachella with this audacious idea of bringing cannabis to the city…and, sure enough, we are now the trendsetters in California. (…)  That wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for CTI.”