Coachella Campus

This state-of-the-art facility, energy efficient featuring the entire wholesale supply chain from one site.

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Coachella Premium Cannabis

Coachella Premium: medical cannabis with unrivaled quality and consistency

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Grow & Extraction Technology

Proprietary integrated system featuring LEDs, 6-tier racking, and irrigation with custom trays

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This state-of-the-art facility is being constructed with our industry-exclusive partner: GrowX. With gas-tight construction and R45 insulated panels, the campus will be the most energy efficient cannabis facility in the world.

Our construction techniques also allow for complete atmospheric controls in the grow areas on a molecular level, including a proprietary algorithm for pest-control without chemical pesticides. With ten grows, manufacturing, testing, distribution, and transportation on site – this Coachella campus will set the standard for commercial medical cannabis quality, consistency, and efficiency.


The Coachella Valley has grown to represent the spirit of culture, creativity, and originality. The Coachella Premium medical cannabis brand will be the first true premium, top-shelf cannabis brand.

Using exacting standards in a pesticide-free environment, Coachella Premium products will be precision-grown with no element left to chance.

Coachella Premium delivers an unrivaled experience with pharmaceutical-grade consistent results you can trust.


Cultivation Technologies, Inc. has spent years designing and testing a proprietary integrated system featuring LEDs, multi-tier racking, and irrigation with custom trays.   This provides cost advantage and scalability to deliver optimal outputs with greater efficiency and reduced heat production. The results allow for better plant health, higher yields and reduced costs in HVAC and power consumption.

Each of the grow centers within the Coachella campus will be installed with this system, providing maximum production with the most efficient yield per square foot for each of our licensed operators.


“We are on the cusp of generating the next generation of Cannabis”

CTI Genetics is has formed a specialized formed a specialized Plant Molecular Breeding group which will utilize modern genomic tools to unlock the medical potential of Cannabis.  

Relentless in our pursuit of perfection, CTI Genetics harnesses modern genomic tools with traditional breeding practices to augment yields, create defined chemical profiles, and produce active pharmaceutical ingredients which address market needs for medical and pharmaceutical companies in cannabis.

Learn more about our Cannabis genetics improvement program HERE.